DVD Day: March 9th, 2010 (A.k.a. FFXIII Day)

Dudes, Final Fantasy XIII comes out today. I could give a shit about today’s DVDs releases even if they were good, which they’re not. So instead of bothering with the meager DVD offerings today, why not just watch the above video of FFXIII‘s trailer history?

? Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone
Hey, did you buy the Evangelion 1.01 movie DVD when Funimation released it four fucking months ago? Would you like to buy it again with some of its lighting issues fixed? This isn’t double-dipping, this is pure fuckery.

? Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Vol. 1
This series is noteworthy for two reasons: 1) it’s the Universal Century Gundam story in forever, and 2) it’s an Amazon exclusive. Apparently Bandai has finally realized that less a thousand Americans like Gundam (besides Gundam Wing) and more or less given up.

? Tremors: The Complete Series
There was a Tremors TV series? Weird.

? Wrath of the Titans
This is a motion comic based on a supposedly Ray Harryhausen-“guided” sequel comic to the original Clash of the Titans movie. That seems… unlikely. However, the company that made the comic is Bluewater Productions, who made that Stephanie Meyer bio comic, so… it’s probably even more unlikely.

? Dino Squad: Mutant Mayhem