His Name Is Buck and He Likes to, Uh, Argue with His Parents About Entering World War I

So remember that Buck Rogers webseries I told you about, oh, three or so months ago? The one made by Jim Cawley and pals of those Star Trek New Voyages fan films? Well, TR commenter Tony_F alerted me to this new clip of Buck trying to talk his parents into letting him fight in World War I. It certainly looks better than your run-of-the-mill fan film, but it’s not the most action-packed of scenes. Two things to note: 1) Yes, that is Erin Gray as Buck’s mother. This switch from love interest to mom is unsettling to me, and the fact that she’s supremely dowdy in this scene isn’t helping. 2) Buck, I believe the line you’re looking for is “But I was going into Toshi Station to pick up some power converters!