Make Room for Headroom


?Well, finally.

Shout! Factory and Warner Home Video, a division of Warner Bros. Home
Entertainment, Inc., announced a multi-property alliance to bring the
highly anticipated Warner Bros. television series Max Headroom
and The Norm Show to the home entertainment marketplace. Under
its multi-year agreement with Warner Home Video, Shout! Factory will be
the exclusive media company to distribute Max Headroom and The
Norm Show
DVDs for home entertainment releases in the United States
and Canada. The announcement was made today by Shout! Factory founding
partners Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos; and Jeff Brown,
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Non-theatrical Franchise
Marketing for Warner Home Video.

Production has begun to develop a wide range of bonus content for Max
Headroom: The Complete Series
DVD box set, as well as
re-transferring the episodes from the original elements to provide the
highest picture quality.

Max Headroom is a uniquely sought-after television property,
boasting a large fan following and consumer interests. We have been
pursuing this property with Warner Bros. for years, and we’re thrilled
that it’s finally coming to fruition,” state Shout! Factory founding
partners. “We’re pop culture fanatics at Shout!, and both of these shows
are loved by fans of TV and are highly requested. We’ll do them justice
with great extras and packaging.”

No word on what those extras or packaging might be, but I figured this news was worth posting even without all the details. I actually never watched Max Headroom — one of the many gaps in my nerd education, clearly — but I’ll rectify that once this hits DVD. You guys are welcome to go nuts in the comments, especially the three million or so of you who emailed me the announcement. (Via TV Shows on DVD)