New Fist of the North Star Game Makes My Head Explode… in a Good Way

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this before, but Koei, makers of an infinite number of those Dynasty Warriors games where you’re one guy taking on massive crowds and so forth, is doing a Fist of the North Star game… in the same style. So instead of hacking down dozens of ancient Chinese soldiers with swords and clubs and whatever, you’re fucking Ken and you’re punching dozens of post-apocalyptic thugs and making their bodies fucking explode. This is the greatest idea for a videogame ever. It’s perfect for FotNS, and is pretty much the most entertaining thing ever. The fact that Koei added so many other characters and their own hyperviolent ways of killing people is merely whipped cream on the sundae… the sundae of death. Koei, I know no one give a shit about FotNS in America, but please please please bring this out over here. It’s the right thing to do. (Via AnimeVice)