New Hampshire State Representative Probably Does Not Care for High School of the Dead

I post crazy shit from Japan all the time on Topless Robot; Japan is an exceedingly wacky, and often very disturbing. A not insignificant portion of TR readers have left a comment on these stories about “we should drop another nuke on ’em HAR HAR.” Now, at least as many TR readers have commented that those comments are insensitive and in exceedingly poor taste. Now, whether you approve of such comments or not — personally, I’m not a fan, but I also don’t think they’re ever meant in any seriousness — I think we all can agree that you should probably not make this comment IF YOU’RE A UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE.

Yes, the Democratic representative for New Hampshire, Nick Levasseur, decided he wanted to indulge in gross stupidity and left the comment that “anime is a prime example that 2 nukes just wasn’t enough” on his Facebook page. Ignoring the silliness that is the dismissal of all anime — which is incredibly stupid, but the kind of stupid many people indulge in — and assuming that Representative Levasseur would not drop another nuclear bomb on Japan if given the opportunity, the biggest problem that I see is that New Hampshire has elected a politician stupid enough to say “anime is a prime example that 2 nukes just wasn’t enough” on his fucking Facebook page. Did he think it would be met with resounding cheers? Did he think that anime was a hot button issue that middle-class America desperately wanted violent retaliation for? Did he honestly think he could make a jest about dropping a bomb on another nation and not sound like a horrible imbecile? Bleh. (Via I Heart Chaos)