Oh Tecmo Bowl, How I’ve Missed You

This… this is how you update a beloved game. Tecmo has remade the classic football game Tecmo Bowl — often considered the finest sports game of its time — in 2-D… and 3-D. That’s so awesome. It’s clearly the same classic gameplay in either modes, but you can play like you’re still on an NES instead of PSN or Xbox Live, or you can play with delightfully updated but still charmingly mediocre graphics, and play with weather and cheerleaders and online and more. Wonderful, just wonderful. And since no one’s mentioned this a while, I’d like to extend a big hearty “fuck you” to EA for continuing to lock up the NFL license so that no one else can make an actual NFL game. Thanks for fucking videogame-loving NFL fans over for nearly a decade now! After the new U.S. Godzilla movie makers get sodomized with Matthew Broderick, you guys are next in line.