Spider-Man Broke a Dimension and Now He Totally Has to Clean It Up

Sorry for two videogame preview videos so early in the morning, but Kotaku scrounged up a video of the new Spider-Man game, and… well, it’s noteworthy, to say the least. I had assumed from the title Shattered Dimensions that Peter Parker would be hopping around bits of the Marvel universe, but not so — apparently you’ll be playing as several different Spider-Men, one of which is in a bizarre “noir” world, where Spidey dresses kind of like Bucky and sneaks around Batman: Arkham Asylum-style. It’s weird, but it could be fun; plus, there are two other “dimensions” left to be revealed — Kotaku’s heard rumors of one of them being a 2099 “dimension,” which could be incredibly fun. Any thoughts on the last one?