Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Style

doctor whom.jpg

Love David Tennant’s incarnation of the Doctor or hate him (although there doesn’t seem to be too many haters), and love his companion Martha Jones or hate her (that’s not nearly so even, I believe) you have to admit both were snappy dressers. Now AbbyShot Clothiers have made replica of the 10th Doctor’s trademark coat and Martha’s stylish jacket for $289 and $239, respectively, right here. Obviously, I could have saved this for the Geek Apparel of the Week, I suppose, but at these prices, it’s a little more high-end merchandise than apparel — but it’s what all the fashionable Time Lords are wearing this year. And in 2004. And the year 65 B.C. And 5,2,340,016. Etc.