TR Contest: Best/Worst Nerdy Birthday Stories


?So my birthday is next week (please, save your congratulations and threats until next Wednesday, the 31st). It dawned on me that of all the nerdy stories I’ve had you guys tell about yourselves, birthdays haven’t been one of ’em. That seems like an easily fixable error, so here’s this week’s contest — best and/or worst nerdy birthday stories.

For best, I’m looking for awesome decorations, events, parties, and not gifts unless they were specific birthday events or goods  — anything that happened that was nerdy and was awesome. Mine, for the record, was my 5th birthday, when my mom made a cake with an actual X-Wing toy on it. The cake was made to look like Dagobah, and it even had Yoda and Luke figures on it. Now, my mom wasn’t a professional chef — I’m sure it wasn’t as epic as most of the cakes I’ve shown on TR — but this thing blew my 5-year-old brain right out the back of my skull with awesomeness. My cake was also a present, and a great present as that. The whole thing stunned me so much that to this day, my favorite spaceship is the X-Wing. For worst, well… you know — bad gifts, botched decorations, misguided parties thrown by parents who have no idea what you like, etc. As always, please no genuine tragedy, like people dying or anything.

You can enter twice — once for best, once for worst, and I’ll likely award a shirt to the most entertaining story in each category. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, March 29th. Remember, if you want to purchase me something for my birthday, I still want THE HARD FUCK, if you see one on sale.