CNN Rediscovers RapeLay, the Raping Videogame, Again

This post isn’t even slightly a defense of RapeLay, the Japanese PC game where the player captures three different girls and… well, rapes them. But I just want to do a reverse timeline here, for the benefit of CNN if no one else.

2010: CNN files this report on RapeLay
2009: Because of the worldwide outcry, gamemaker Illusion stops making RapeLay entirely
2008: After a very public outcry against the game, stops carrying it — which is to say stops its Marketplace stores from carrying it, because the online shopping giant would never in a million years have carried it itself
2007: does its review of RapeLay
2006: The game Rapelay is released by Illusion

The game is four years old, took two years to get in the news the first time and only then because someone found it on Amazon, ceased being made entirely more than a year ago, and now CNN files this timely report. Awesome. THE GAME NO LONGER EXISTS, CNN. THERE’S NO CONTROVERSY, UNLESS YOU COUNT THE CONTROVERSY THAT OCCURRED IN 2008. Sigh.