Comics Trifecta: X-Men, Batwoman, G.I. Joe


?? Remember how Marvel released that X-Men promo reading “We Are the X-Men” with a big picture of Psylocke and Spider-Man on it? Well, new promos now include noted non-mutants Elektra (above), Blade, and some girl named Lyra. I’d love to think that Marvel has some rhyme or reason behind this insanity, but I honestly can’t make myself believe that they do. (Via Comic Book Resources)

? Everyone loved Greg Rucka’s Batwoman stories in Detective Comics, making what by all accounts what should’ve been a shitty one-note character into one of the best new superheroes in years. But Greg Rucka left/quit/was fired/something. End result: artist J.H. Williams will assume co-writing duties and Batwoman will now get her own series. This whole situation seem very, very weird. (Via Comics Alliance)

? Larry Hama is returning to G.I. Joe. I know that Larry Hama’s been returning to G.I. Joe in dozens of ways for years now, but this time he’s starting back up the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comics that made him a nerd celebrity. The new comic will be published by IDW in July, and pick up at #156, exactly where the original Hama-written Marvel comics left off. Craziness. (Via TNI)