Hey, X-Com, I Remember That Game


?Since I grew up in a computer-less household, my only window into the world of PC gaming was my friend Tony, whose house I went over to almost every day after school. Basically, he had everything, but he mostly played PC games, which meant I could fuck around on his Genesis and Super Nintendo. But I do remember Tony playing the strategy game X-Com — where you hunt down the plethora of UFOs that are fucking with Earth — for about a million hours. Tony had pretty good taste, so I’m betting many of you guys remember X-Com just as fondly.

The point is that there’s a new X-Com game in the works. That’s the good news; the weird news is that like so many classic top-down PC strategy games nowadays, the new X-Com is going to be a first-person shooter (e.g. Fallout 3, Shadowrun, etc.). Kotaku says it’s going to be made by the 2K Studios who did Bioshock, so it should be a pretty good FPS, but I can’t help but feel the people who loved these strategy games because they were strategy games — which I would think would be plenty of people since X-Com and Fallout and their ilk were all incredibly popular, popular enough that they’re getting licensed but for FPSes — are getting screwed. Please, you guys elucidate me in the comments.