I Hate You, Children of Today


Do you know how much I would have killed — killed for a lightsaber nightlight? I’m not just talking about when I was 6, but at least through the age of 18? But no, I have to grow up in the wasteland between the original trilogy and the moment in 1995 when Lucas decided he wanted to make another zillion dollars, so I was in college before all the new merchandise came out, technically too late to be buying Star Wars toy (although that didn’t stop me) and infinitely too late to be buying nightlights. Although if it had a remote control and the ability to change lightsaber blade colors, I’d have been awfully torn. Anyways, in summary: Fucking kids. I hate you.

Hmm. Maybe if I had a kid, I could justify purchasing this thing. Anyone got any babies for sale? (Via Big Bad Toy Toy Store)