Japan Follows Its Bliss

…and has made a movie called, I shit you not, Big Tits Zombie. I repeat: Big Tits Zombie. The motion picture. Really, it’s less about a large-breasted zombie and more about top-heavy girls who fight and run from zombies, but you have to admit this title is superior. I believe the trailer is safe for work in that it contains no nudity (I think) and only horrible graphic violence, but by virtue of the fact that it’s a movie called Big Tits Zombie, I think even explaining what you’re watching is not safe for work.

The trailer is terrible, and I don’t think it matters. The only thing that matters is that there is now a film called Big Tits Zombie. Whether that movie is good or not is totally irrelevant. Which is probably good because it looks like Zombies Vs. Strippers but without the artistic merit. (Via Twitch)