Lord of the Tiny, Tiny Rings


?From the UK Telegraph:

Dedicated Maddie Chambers has completed her own tribute to J.R.R.
Lord of the Rings trilogy by creating a miniature model of hobbit
Baggins home.

Maddie, 30, spent a year building her intricate model by hand, making
everything from the portraits on the walls to the household furniture
vegetable patch in the garden….

But even the hobbits whose average height is just three feet six inches
would dwarf Maddies creation, which measures just three feet square ….

Mum-of-two Maddie has ensured even the smallest detail is faithful to
the way
author Tolkien and filmmaker Jackson have depicted the hobbits Middle

There is a tiny one-inch version of the Baggins family tree framed on
one of
the walls, an even smaller, fully accurate map of Middle Earth and
notes in Frodo’s ‘Elvish’ handwriting littering the hobbits lounge.

The kitchen is stocked with miniaturised food and utensils and a barrel
bearing a longbottom leaf label the ale drunk by the hobbits in the
record-breaking films.

Every scrap of furniture been created from scratch and duvets, rugs and
mean any tiny hobbits could live in comfort.

There is also a shelf of microscopic books on offer and beautiful
drawers and wardrobes to help fashion-conscious elves look the part.

Hard. Core. If you think I’m going to make fun of this woman, I’m actually not. Her model looks awesome; I’m nothing but impressed, and it’s not like most of us haven’t wasted immense amounts of time doing something at least nerdy and far less impressive. Hell, I spent 30 minutes the other day riding a virtual horse around in a circle in the Darksiders videogame to unlock a 10-point Achievement. Advantage: Maddie Chambers. (Via Sci-Fi Wire)