Oh No An X-Man Is Going to DieYAAAAAAAAWWWNN


?Marvel released the above promo pic for X-Force #26, claiming that one of these pictured characters will die. I wouldn’t consider this news — actually, I don’t consider this news — except that it made me realized that I never give even the slightest shit when an X-Men character dies, and it’s all Jean Grey’s fault. Sure, we all know that every comic character who dies will come back, but even though Batman and Captain America’s deaths were lessened because of that fact they still had some impact. But the X-Men are dying and coming back all the time, and both their deaths and resurrections are utterly meaningless. Jean Grey’s died like what, 8 times? Didn’t Professor X die and come back to life in the same issue at one point? Didn’t both Colossus and Kitty Pryde just come back to life more or less, making their “possible” deaths improbable if not outright dumb? Sigh. I apologize if this is just me. I can’t believe Marvel is expecting me to care about an X-Man dying like he/she won’t be back next/week. (Via Comic Book Resources)