Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Action! Akiba Fumimomi Police

Man, I was all set to write about these manga anthologies — those phone book-sized comic collections that sell in Japan in the millions every week — turned into plant pots. The paper holds water, allowing seeds to actually sprout from the manga; look, let me just show you —


?See? Adorable. Probably not as Earth-friendly as just recycling them, but it’s a nice gesture. Anyways, back to my story. So those things were going to be the STJT… until I saw this:

You’re looking at the Miniskirt Police. They don’t solve crimes… unless you count the crime of being tense, because they’re part of a new massage salon chain in Akihabara in Tokyo. Yes, it’s a massage parlor where girls dressed as sexy police women do the massaging. From Japan Sugoi:

The salon called Action! Akiba Fumimomi Police
???????????, opened last weekend in the Akihabara section of Tokyo “to
give workers some enjoyment away from the grind of their daily jobs and
heal them,”

Patrons can have their shoulders,  hands and feet massaged as well as
get their ears cleaned while they lie on the women’s laps.  The
treatment menu includes the “basic punishment” or the “jail sentence.” 
For longer courses, customers can opt to be “rearrested.”

Here’s what I want — those guys from the below video to try and play Smash TV while getting massaged by cute policewomen in mini-skirts. Now that’s a challenge.