There’s Something Strange (and Exclusive) in the Neighborhood

Although I mentioned it already and showed one small pic, I think Mattel’s Mego-style Real Ghostbusters figures are cool enough that you deserved to see the whole thing. The only figure available at SDCC will be Venkman, and although I totally didn’t notice this, he’ll be available not in his Real Ghostbusters-colored jumpsuit, but his movie colored jumpsuit. I’m happy that it won’t be a regular Venkman, just so I have less competition when I try and fail to get my MOTUC Orko and Prince Adam two-pack. It obviously won’t help, but it’ll be nice to only be in a crowd of hundreds of nerds instead of thousands.

Oh, you can stop the video after the Real Ghostbusters figure reveal, because it’s only the WWE and Avatar movie toy exclusives after that. Although if you’re interested in them, let me know if the comments. Because I have serious doubts you exist. (Via ToyNewsI)