This Halo: Reach Edition Is Legen — Wait for It —


?…dary. Yes, I said it. It should be, since it costs $150, which is a pretty legendary amount to spend on a videogame. But you will see what your money’s being spent on. first off, the Legendary Edition contains the Limited Edition (above), which includes “a recovered ONI
“black box” holding the game disc,” some exclusive Elite multiplayer armor, and “an artifact bag containing Dr. Halsey’s personal
journal and various documents.” But if you just want that, spend $80 on the Limited Edition. spending an additional $70 also gets you…


…this stuff, which includes a 10-inch diorama from McFarlane Toys of the Halo: Reach guys, that shocking awesome box (I’m a sucker for cool packaging, I admit), and some kind of flaming helmet for multiplayer. Now, whether the statue and packaging is worth $70 is up to you, but at least they made an honest effort at living up to “Legendary Edition.” Thanks to JROSS for the tip. (Via Kotaku)