Totally Spoiling Marvel Movies Trifecta


?…yeah. This news has leaked all over the internet in the last couple of days, and plenty of people have been involuntarily spoiled with these three bits of information about upcoming Marvel movies. I’m putting everything after the jump so people can avoid it if they want to — first what’s getting spoiled and in which movies very obliquely, so you can decide if you want to read further, then a nice big empty space in case you decide you don’t, and then the spoilers themselves. Excelsior if you dare.

? Spoiler #1: What Iron Man 2‘s post-credits stinger is
? Spoiler #2: Olivia Munn’s role in Iron Man 2
? Spoiler #3: The reveal — and first look at — a Thor movie character (not Thor or Loki)

Okay, ready?

? Stick around after Iron Man 2‘s credits, and you’ll see SHIELD Agent Coulson driving up to a crater in New Mexico. He uses his earpiece, says “We’ve found it,” and then the camera pans back to reveal…


?…Thor’s hammer. How the hammer ends up in the Thor movie — or if they’re going to bother tying it in at all — remains to be seen. (Via Daily P.O.P.)

? Olivia Munn was just being a bitch when she was hinting she was playing the Wasp and/or the Scarlet Witch; instead she’s just some generic TV reporter. I honestly let out a huge sigh of relief when I heard this. Then I got bitter that she tried to imply she had a more important role at all. (Via io9)

? I honestly don’t know that we can trust Latino Review — that TMNT head thing was totally wrong, and I read their beloved Justin Marks Masters of the Universe script, which was shit — but they posted this:


?That’s the Destroyer, a legendary Asgardian suit of armor that Loki occasionally sends to try and kick Thor’s ass. Which, assuming this is from the Thor movie — and god help me, I just can’t imagine why a 1:1-scale Destroyer statue would be hanging around in the desert otherwise — is also the case here. But take it with a grain of salt.