ABC’s Superhero Show Is Going to Be Canceled Immediately

Above is the trailer for No Ordinary Family, an upcoming ABC series about a family that develops various superpowers in a Brazilian lake or something. It has far more star power than its goofy premise should allow, including The Shield‘s Michael Chiklis and Dexter/Angel‘s Julie Benz (although Chiklis clearly has an issue with family vacations), and is painfully earnest about its Fantastic Four/Incredibles roots, more than I think mass audiences will be comfortable with. I don’t know that The Cape will last more than a season, but I’m betting No Ordinary Family is canceled sooner, or at least at the same time. I mean, Summer Glau shows up in a TV series about a dude who becomes a superhero and you think, “Oh! Summer Glau!” and are mildly excited. You see Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz in a TV show about superheroes and you’re just kind of sad and embarrassed for them. (Via io9)