An Impressively Romantic Act of Nerdery

Corey Goldfeder met his fiancee at a costume dance party where she was dressed in a ’50s ball gown. So when it came time to propose, he knew he had to perform an elaborate routine involving Back to the Future.

No, I don’t understand the reasoning either, but Goldfeder used a homemade greenscreen and some editing equipment to digitally insert himself into Back to the Future, all written and timed perfectly so that he could be having a conversation with Doc Brown about if it was the right time to propose (as you can tell from the video, the Doc agreed). Then he managed to get a local theater to run the movie with his sequence included — a sequence which doesn’t occur in the film for 20 minutes or so, it’s important to note — the theater even had signs advertising the screening of Back to the Future. Then, after the scene finally ran, Corey proposed in the theater while their friends and family slipped into the theater.

Impressive, Goldfeder. Most impressive. Still, I feel bad for the poor dudes who just wanted to catch BttF in the theater and ended up smack in the middle of someone else’s very personal moment. Thanks to Jones for the tip. (Via Lemondrop)