Castlevania: Symphonic Puzzle Fighter of the Night

I think Konami has lost their fucking minds. I mean, we’ve all talked about how insane it is that they keep making shitty 3-D Castlevania games when all the fans want, what we want to spend our money on, what we’ve talked about for a decade at this point — is another 2-D Castlevania game. I’d say they were bastards except that as a company their refusal to make easy money is more baffling than evil. And now get this — Konami is finally remaking the beloved Symphony of the Night game… but a a puzzle fighter.


?What? Wandering through Dracula’s castle as Alucard and getting into Tetris-esque battles with all the monsters there is… well, I’m going to buy it the minute it comes out for iPhone (since I love both Castlevania and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Edition) but again, Konami’s desire to not just make a 2-D Castlevania game is bordering on the insane at this point. Still, hey, Castlevania: SotN puzzle game for iPhone. Not bad. (Just weird.) (Via Joystiq)