Darth Vader Gives Directions Only Slightly Better than He Takes Them

Specifically, car directions, as UK users of TomTom GPSes can now download Darth Vader’s voice for them. Frankly, I’d think TomTom could just automatically send Vader’s voice to all of their subscribers and charge them all the 13 pounds because fuck it, who doesn’t want Darth Vader as their GPS? I can’t even imagine.

Speaking of can’t even imagine, apparently Yoda’s voice is due in June, C-3PO’s voice will be available in July, and — here’s where it gets weird — Han Solo’s voice will be released in August. Um, the hell? I know Harrison Ford didn’t sign up for this. Or did he? Does Lucasfilm have a new young Solo voice? Did Harrison Ford get so drunk on the set of the Crystal Skull that TomTom employees could secretly record his drunken ramblings, which they’ve been painstakingly re-editing into GPS instructions? I seriously need to know. (Via Nerdbastards)