How Marvel and DC Pissed Off Comic Fans Yesterday


Hint: It involved two deaths and one sexing. They’re both spoilers, so I’m putting them after the jump, in case you haven’t picked up yesterday’s comics yet.

Caveat: You know I’m not always on the very top of the American comics game, but a lot of my friends are, so this is what I’ve gleaned — if I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me in the comments (be gentle; I have to go to the dentist later).

? Marvel
So you know who Rogue’s big deal is that she can never touch anybody, because she absorbs their powers? And how her desire for human connection, best exemplified through physical contact, is likely the most defining characteristic of her character, and informed pretty much everything she’s done over the years, especially regarding her relationship with Gambit? Well, in Siege #4, writer Paul Jenkins decided to destroy all that with a casual aside saying that she fucked The Sentry.


?The Sentry’s dead, apparently, but I don’t think anyone cares because seriously, fuck that guy. It’s Rogue, a very popular character for very many years, apparently having the most important moment in her life with a totally random character off-screen without informing any other comic Rogue has appeared in since the supposed horizontal boogie went down. Also, you think Gambit might be affected by this. You may read more about the hate over at All Things Fangirl.

? DC
Ryan Choi was The Atom. The new The Atom, after classic The Atom Ray Palmer disappeared in Identity Crisis. Choi was one of those new wave of legacy heroes that weren’t lily-white — like Jamie Reyes as Blue Beetle and Jason Rusch as Firestorm — that were celebrated but not that popular in terms of sales. Oh, and Choi was actually created by none other than Grant Morrison, I believe.

Ryan Choi is now dead, having died quickly and ignominiously in a Titans: Villians for Hire comic, because — and I’d like to quote Wikipedia, as found by my buddy Sean T. Collins — “he was not white enough for DC Comics.” Whether people are mad because DC killed off yet another non-white character to make room for a white one, that a major non-white character is killed as a minor note in a minor comic, that a Grant Morrison character that was genuinely interesting was murdered in a comic he should have had nothing to do with… I think it’s all of those things. You can read more of the hate in the comments of The ISB.