Kubrick Directs Iron Man 2


?What? Did you think that Stanley Kubrick was directing the Iron Man 2 movie? Don’t be ridiculous. Jon Favreau directed it. And Kubrick’s been dead for years. There’s no way. Why would you even think that? Muse on that while you gander at these Iron Man 2 movie Kubricks from Medicom. Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow leaves much to be desired, but the Mark V and VI Iron Men are pretty great, as is War Machine. But the real gem of the line has to be the Mickey Rourke Whiplash mini-figure, whose grin is as awesome as it is maniacal, and it’s pretty goddamn maniacal. That is an action figure that will rape your other action figures. Man, I want him to be chasing my toys around in terror right now; shame they won’t be available until November. (Via ToysREvil)