Machete Does Not Care for SB 1070

So Robert Rodriguez makes a goofy trailer for a Mexploitation movie called Machete for his Grindhouse double feature with Tarantino. It becomes so popular he decides to make a movie of it. The movie becomes about an evil politician who wants to deport all illegal aliens, who Machete has to stop (although there’s a double cross along the way). The movie wraps production like, what, last year? Although it’s due in September? And then, just a few weeks ago, Arizona governor Jan Brewer signs an immigration bill that pretty much allows the state to detain anyone who even looks like an immigrant, and deport them if they don’t have their immigration papers physically on them.

…yeah. Machete has a Cinco de Mayo message for Arizona.

In other news, how the fuck did I not know that De Niro, Don Johnson, and noted pervert Steven Seagal were actually starring in this film? I blame myself, but I also blame you all for not keeping me informed.