MTV Has an Exclusive Pic of Ryan Reynolds Not in His Green Lantern Suit

Between a slow news day and the fact I had to go to the dentist earlier, I’m already in a bad mood. So feel free to think I’m picking on poor MTV’s Splashpage for running the headline “EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Reynolds Gets
Suited Up In ‘Green Lantern’ Set Pic!
” when in fact all they have is this:


?…Ryan Reynolds not in his Green Lantern suit as heavily implied, but in his motion-capture tracking suit that a team of CG artists will eventually animate a Green Lantern suit around. Hell, he’s not even totally wearing the damn mo-cap suit. Look, obviously Splashpage isn’t technically lying — all their headline literally promises is Reynolds wearing some form of clothes on the Green Lantern set — but it’s still bullshit. Anyone would — and should — assume they’ve got a pic of the GL costume based on that headline, and they don’t. They have a picture of Ryan Reynolds nearly stepping on a tiny, adorable yippy dog. Clearly, the headline should have read “EXCLUSIVE: Dog Barely Avoids Brutal Murder by Green Lantern Star Ryan Reynolds.”