Now THAT’s a Topless Robot

It took forever, but the “Design the Topless Robot Topless Robot” contest I mentioned god knows how many months ago has finally been won by David Cousens and his technologically saucy entry shown above (it may not show up for some of you for up to an hour because of some mystical server reasons, which is a shame as it’s totally cool). I didn’t get as many entries for the contest as I thought I would, and while many were good, none of them were quite what I was looking for — that is, until David submitted his design (while cursing me for nightmares he still has from reading The Pok?mon Story). Mr. Cousens wins both a TR shirt and a $300 gift certificate to (well,, I suppose, in his case) that can only be spent on something nerdy. His creation will also be at the top of TR for the next week, at which point we’ll return to your regularly scheduled topless robot. So enjoy while you can.