Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Trifecta

Between Empire and Pac-Man, it’s a day for 30th anniversary trifectas. Did we appreciate how amazing 1980 was when we were living in it? Here’s three bits of Pac-related info that illustrate the continuing legacy of T?ru Iwatani’s gaming masterpiece.

 ?? As if I didn’t feel bad enough about taunting you with the Gundam phone/dock earlier, now I must direct your attention to this copyright-infringetastic Pac-Man arcade cabinet constructed from Legos that features working controls and the ability to emulate 48 classic games (obviously including Pac-Man along with Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and other favorites). It was created by engineer Ben Fleskes, who really should get a Nobel Peace Prize for his effort.You can learn more about the project at Fleskes’ website. (Via Wired)


?? Determined to crush the economy by halting workplace productivity, Google has made today’s “Doodle” icon a fully playable version of the game. Go ahead and hug your monitor, this is some perfectly executed design work right here.

 ?? I don’t have the foggiest idea what is going on in this live-action game of Pac-Man from Japan. According to the laugh track, whatever is happening is hilarious. It just looks scary and wrong to me though.