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Portal Portals into Team Fortress


Speaking of crossovers, some talented modders at 3 Points Game Community have managed to make Valve’s Portal and Team Fortress 2 game into a metaphorical Reese’s Cup of delicious videogame awesomeness. Behold Team Portress:

Yes, that’s the Portal gun from Portal being used in Team Fortress 2 to wonderful, deadly effect (my personal favorite is when that guy is trapped in a portal loop, and set on fire, and then shot to death. Funny!). I only wish that there were some actual gravity/falling-to-death physics in TF2 — the Portal gun would be far more fun if you could send enemy soldiers to the ceiling and let them fall to their deaths — and it would make it trickier for players to use the Portal gun to get to high-up locations. But that’s just me being nitpicky — this looks like a hell of a lot of fun. (Via Joystiq)