Thundercats, HOOOooooold On a Minute, That’s Not That Exciting


?Some company called Icon Heroes is bringing back the Thundercats. But there’s a proverbial shit in the kitty litter — these won’t be toys, but “staction” figures, a la the Four Horsemen and NECA’s action-figure-sized, non-poseable 2002-style Masters of the Universe figures. So they’ll look like toys, but they won’t be toys. And since I’ve never heard of Icon Heroes before about four minutes ago, I have no idea how these things’ll look.

I will tell you one thing, though — if Icon Heroes doesn’t have the Thundercats action figure rights, it’s because Warner Bros. (the Thundercats license holder) doesn’t want them to. Now, whether this is because some company already has them or WB has someone in mind, I don’t know, but I’m confident if WB didn’t have any plans, they wouldn’t have bothered to give someone the mini-statue rights. In fact, I’m guessing that they’re letting Icon take the risk to see if anyone gives a shit about Thundercats anymore; if they don’t sell, WB loses nothing, and if they do sell, WB immediately gives the toy license to their own smaller toy company, DC Direct, of their buddies at Mattel. Who wants to bet against me? (Via 16bit)