TR Contest: Amalgamate ‘Em


?I hope you’re not surprised. This is the other winning entry from the TR Contest TR Contest of two weeks ago, suggested by Honky.

Honky said:

How about the Amalgam event of the new Millennium!
Best combination of a DC and Marvel character…example Aunt May (Marvel) and Dooms Day (DC) becomes May Day!
Bonus points if you write a plot synopsis in 100 words or less for the first issue.

Not that Honky didn’t do a fine job, but let me clarify the contest a little further:

? Any comic book character is available to smoosh into another character.
? Bonus points will indeed be given for a basic plot synopsis.
? Bonus points will also be given for keeping it under or around 100 words.
? Extra bonus points will be given for horrible, pun-laden names/powers/origins, etc.
? Three entries per person. No more. That means submitted characters, not posts.

Since this is a holiday weekend — and TR will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday — the contest will end on Tuesday, June 1st at 12:01 am EST, so you have an extra day. I’m in a self-destructive mood, so I want as many entries to judge as possible. Hurt me. Destroy my holiday weekend. You have 3.5 days and three entries per person — you can do this.