Your All-Day, WTF Lost Series Finale Discussion

candace lost cake.jpg

If you haven’t gotten it out of your system yet at other sites, I figure the the Topless Robot Intelligentsia could freak out here about last night’s Lost finale. I assume there’s going to be plenty of attackers and defenders, but let’s keep it reasonably civil, pretty please? As for me, I liked it — a lot. I don’t think it was perfect by a long shot, but any show that could just emotionally wreck me like last night’s Lost did (a fat nerd who cries a lot? Sorry ladies, I’m taken!) was obviously doing something right. Frankly, if you read Noel Murray’s article over at The AV Club, I agree with him pretty much 100% — I think the finale was possibly too much about the flash-sideways than the island, but it was definitely all about the characters.

And weirdly, I don’t care about all the unsolved mysteries any more. Somehow, those last three episodes really helped me let go of the even the major stuff that I thought had to be answered. It’s hard for me to articulate, but I feel like Lost was more interested in mysteries than solving mysteries; and while on one side that means they leave major questions like Walt  unanswered, on the other side they kept up that level of suspense right until the last minute of the show. I’m not saying I want to read mystery books where the cases never get solved, but as one TV series it’s boldly experimental and incredibly interesting — and there’s never been a show that has kept me more riveted or made my jaw drop more than Lost, all the way through last night’s finale and I really think there’s a genuine value to that even without answers.

Anyways, I leave up to you guys to freak the fuck out one way or another. But first check out that cake up top — it’s not from some amazing shop for some Hollywood party — my pal Candace made it for my Lost party last night! I ate it! Take a closer look and you can see: the Hatch, a polar bear, Fruit Roll-up tents, the Black Rock, a cable leading out to the sea, a crushed graham cracker beach, plane debris, the Foot statue (behind the ship), pretzel cross graves (there’s even sugar “diamonds” on top of Nikki and Paulo’s graves!) and icing waves, complete with white crests. Underneath it was the best red velvet cake I’ve ever eaten. Now let the discussion begin.