Buy 10 Time Lords, Get the 11th One Free

11 doctors.jpg

Good lord. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, good luck resisting this — a massive collection of all 11 Doctors in action figure form, inside exclusive TARDIS packaging. I never thought I’d buy any Doctor Who toys, but even I’m tempted to buy this set, due from Underground Toys in August-ish for an unknown price (I sincerely doubt it will be less than $100). I honestly have no idea if this is the first figure for any of the Doctors — I’m assuming not — but to be able to get all 11 incarnations in one fell swoop… well, that’s convenient as hell. Although I find it kind of weird that the figure that looks least like his real-life Doctor is Matt Smith, numero 11. Was it too hard capturing Matt Smith’s weird face in plastic? Were they afraid they would frighten small children if it was too accurate? (Via ToyNewsI)