Captain America’s Movie Outfit Reports for Duty


?(Hee hee! “Doody.”) reported either early this week or late last week that they’d seen the mock-up for Captain America’s outfit in the Captain America movie, and now AICN has the actual pictures. Since AICN does get actual scoop and doesn’t make shit up like some movie sites, I’m willing to give this pic the benefit of the doubt. And assuming it’s true, I dig it. I was already expecting the more combat sensible outfit from The Ultimates to be the suits base, and I knew the ear-wings wouldn’t fly on screen. I’m actually really glad his ears are covered, because that was always one aspect of his costume that bugged me. I kind of miss the red/white stripes on his torso, although I appreciate the nod. Really, he could be dressed in a fucking clown suit as long as the shield is right. I’m so glad they didn’t mess with it — you’d think that would be an easy, obvious solution, but this is Hollywood we’re talking about. I’m thanking my lucky stars and stripes Cap’s mighty shield managed to make it though unscathed.