DVD Day: June 22nd, 2010


?? Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Complete Book One Collector’s Edition
All right. This Collector’s Edition is most notable for it’s book-like special packaging, but it also has an extra DVD of bonus features and a book of behind-the-scenes art. And at the moment, it’s only $26 for seven discs, on sale from $55. If you were toying with the idea of buying the Avatar cartoon, I think now would be the time.

? Riverworld
The Syfy TV movie version. I was going to Netflix it, then I saw it was three hours long, and I don’t know if I want to spend that much time on a Syfy TV movie of Riverworld. Topless Roboteers, your advice is requested.

? Death Race 2000
On Blu-ray. No offense against the movie, I’m pretty sure this signals the end of Blu-ray.

? Guyver: Complete Box Set
On Blu-ray. Notable for being the new anime series which ADV poured their remaining money into, for some reason believing that mass audiences had been waiting for and craving a massive 26 episodes update of an obscure ’80s superhero flick starring Mark Hamill based on an even more obscure anime. Hee hee!

? Tromeo & Juliet
Also on Blu-ray. Yep, pretty sure Blu-ray has peaked.

? Afro Samurai: Complete Murder Sessions
All 12 episodes on Blu-ray. Enh.