E3 “Love” Trifecta: The Old Republic, Crackdown 2, DC Universe Online

? This cinematic trailer for Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO contains no gameplay and is not as cool as their first trailer, and it’s still the coolest fucking thing you’ll see all day. I swear Bioware should stop making games and just make CG Star Wars movies. Or a TV show. Direct to DVD. Something. Let’s make a deal — if any of us finds a magic lamp, this is the first thing we wish for.

? I don’t know what to say other than that after I watched this trailer, I stood up and applauded. Thanks to Riordan for the link.

? It hasn’t made me change my mind on MMORPGs, but DC Universe is looking pretty swell in this trailer. I can get behind the idea of not being allowed to be the major DC heroes and villains, although I wonder how much (or little) they show up — that’s what’ll make or break the game, don’t you think? Still, any game where you can hit Bullock in the back of the neck with a Toyota is all right in my book.