Geek Apparel of the Week: Home Sweet Tauntaun and Word Series

There are so many great nerd shirts out there — not even counting the one design per day sites — that I’ve decided to list two shirts in GAofW from now on. I KNOW, YOUR MIND IS BLOWN.


Home Sweet Tauntaun, $19 over at Split Reason.


This is slightly more complicated: a company called Novel-T is making faux baseball jerseys for famous authors and characters. There’s the American Canons, with “players” like Whitman, Prynne and Thoreau, and then the National Punc, including Gatsby, Dickinson and my favorite, Vonnegut. Each player has his/her/its own symbol on the front — Prynne has a large A, natch — and if you’re a Vonnegut fan, you probably know what his symbol is and why I’m delighted by it. The shirts are $25 each and can be ordered here. (Via Super Punch)