Geek Apparel of the Week: Robot Rollcall and One Pieces


?? I’ve owned maybe five Mystery Science Theater 3000 themed t-shirts in my life, and the only reason I don’t own more is because I can’t find more. Long story short, you’re looking at #6. It even features Cambot! It’s $21.50 over at Red Bubble. Thnaks to Grace for the tip.


?? We all know I love One Piece, but even I don’t have the — whatever quality it is that lets a man wear pants that read “I’M GONNA BE THE KING OF THE PIRATES” on the ass. Since these things are only available in Japan (although ANN says they go up in the surprisingly large for thin-hipped Japanese men size of 36 inches), here’s some One Piece apparel you can actually purchase:


?One Piece panties, available for $10 over at J-List. There are three styles. I’m not gonna lie to you, these are the sexiest fucking things I’ve ever seen.