I Think This Dude Is Going to Play Hawkeye


?Jeremy Renner — star of The Hurt Locker and, uh, some other things, I guess, may play Hawkeye in The Avengers movie. Admittedly, this is still in that nebulous rumor/negoation phase, meaning there’s no guarantee it’ll happen, but since this is 1) the first news we’ve had about anyone playing Hawkeye and 2) it’s also confirmation that Hawkeye will be appearing in The Avengers movie, I figured it was worth posting. Honestly, I haven’t seen Hurt Locker yet and I know shit about Renner, so I’ll refrain from judging this a good or bad thing. But given the acclaim Hurt Locker got, and its subject material, my guess is that Renner should be able to play a badass marksman without too much difficulty. What say you? (Via Heat Vision)