M. Night Shyamalan Does Not Care About Earth, Air or Fire

Maybe it’s the band Earth, Wind and Fire’s fault? All I know is that Paramount released four videos exploring the four nations of the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe — the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Air Temples and the Fire Nation — and, well, everyone but the Water Tribe is getting a taste of assbending. See, the Water Tribe video, above, shows off that massive Norther Water Tribe city from the end of season 1. Cool, right? But then you check out the Earth Kingdom video, and it’s all just trees and shit — no cities at all. The Fire Nation video is some different trees, and then a Fire Nation ship — also no cities. And the Air Temple — fuck, I can’t even get the Air Temple video to work. The other three videos are after the jump for your examination.

I know many people assumed that M. Night was some sort of secret racist after his Airbender casting, but I think he’s just as prejudiced against certain elements. Hmm. (Via /Film)

Earth Kingdom:

Fire Nation:

Air Temple: