My Friends, We Have Just Scored… a Pretty Decent Tron Figure

If I knew previously that Spinmasters had the Tron: Legacy license, I must have repressed it. Spinmasters has always made horrible toys, and seeing them crap out poorly sculpted, barely articulated Olivia Wilde figures and light-cycles and stuff… well, the idea makes me very, very sad. But there is a glimmer of hope… a small pixel of light in the darkness! Spinmasters just released their pics of their SDCC exclusives, and…


?Obviously, it’s not NECA-level or anything, but it’s a classic Tron figure, with a bit of articulation, in an iconic pose in a fantastic box. Also, it lights up, which is totally fucking awesome. I doubt that it’s worth $40 to people who are not Tron-lunatics like myself, but even though this figure is average aside from the packaging, that puts it well above average for anything I expected from Spinmasters. Dare I hope the mass release Tron: Legacy toys are not crap? I know I shouldn’t, but… (Via ToyNewsI)