Only Praise E3 Trifecta: Marvel Vs. Capcom, Lego Clone Wars, Portal 2

For some reason a few people have apparently gone insane that I didn’t lavish everything Nintendo announced at their E3 presser with love yesterday (and I thought you were going to be so proud of me for being excited about GoldenEye, too). So here are three games (two after the jump; these trifectas are getting unwieldy) that I unequivocally love.

? Would you like to see Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 in action? Let me answer that for you: Yes, you would. If you were at all worried the game would be less frantic or insane with 3-D models, you needn’t be. Also, the video is worthwhile just to hear Deadpool yell “Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” while doing his special moves.

More after the jump.

? Feel free to bitch at me for still not watching Clone Wars, but god help me if I won’t be picking up the Lego Clone Wars game. The two original Lego Star Wars games were just so damn fun I would buy the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special if Travelers Tales made it. It’s a little weird seeing big-eyed Lego guys, but I can deal.

? If you are not delighted by the above trailer for Portal 2, you clearly have something wrong with you and should seek a doctor immediately.