Scarface Is Doing All Right for Himself

Those of you who are about to take a lunch break — I highly recommend nuking your Lean Cuisine and coming right back to watch this great 30-minute Batman fan film called “City of Scars” from Bat in the Sun (the guys who did this, among other things). Nerds — which is to say every single person reading these words — will find plenty to nitpick if they want, but I think it’s still really well done. Yeah, the plot is a bit overwrought and the stylized bat-logo on Batman’s chest kinda freaks me out. But still, there’s great costumes and sets and production design, fun appearances by Zsasz and Harley Quinn and Scarface, who runs one hell of a nightclub (ladies can’t resist a little man made of wood, apparently), and there’s obviously a lot of love in this thing. At 30 minutes, I didn’t get to watch the whole thing yet, so I’ll be watching it too. Thanks to Nicole for the tip!