Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Fight Scene

Four words that I never realized that I’d be typing together: Michael Cera fight scene. Four more words that I never anticipated I’d be using to describe a Michael Cera fight scene: It’s pretty fucking good. The above clip premiered during the MTV Movie Awards last night, and for those still on the fence about Cera as Scott Pilgrim, I would have to imagine it goes a long way in pushing you to the other side. You’re welcome to give the credit to director Edgar Wright for pulling off this cinematic feat instead of Cera, but the end result is that I have a hard time imagining this movie isn’t going to be perfect.

Also: Chris Evans. The more I see him in this — and he seems to be doing well playing a Hollywood douchebag in Scott Pilgrim — the harder it is for me to wrap my mind around the fact he’s also Captain America.