The Kids! There’s Something Wrong with Telltale Games’ Kids!


?…which is why, I presume, the noted maker of the recent Sam & Max and Monkey Island games have announced they’ll be making a Back to the Future game. The games will be episodic, like most of Telltale’s stuff, will be available on Mac an PC and Xbox and PS3 whenever it comes out, and I assume will not deviate much if at all from Telltale’s normal point-n’-click adventures, since if they did, that would probably have been important enough to mention in the announcement. Oh, and they’ll also do the same thing for Jurassic Park, but I’m less excited about that. Unless… there’s a crossover. Think about it: Dinosaurs! Time-traveling Deloreans! Biff getting chased by a triceratops! Marty trying to ride a velociraptor up to 88 mph! Telltale, you send me my check whenever you’re ready. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.