The Transformers Will Now Transform With Just About Anybody

In a sad commentary on our nation’s declining sexual mores, the Transformers have given up transforming with a particular set of other Transformers, such as the Constructicons or the Aerialbots. No, Hasbro’s new Power Change Combiners — and I say new in the sense that they’ll be coming out to stores soon, and not new in the sense they debuted back during the NY Toy Fair when I was drunk wasn’t paying attention — star Scouts, which form a robot/vehicle, but also a torso, that any drones can attach to any way they want. Sure, some Drones turn into legs and some into arms, and the Power Change Combiners apparently come with four drones that can become a larger robot, but any Drone will attach to any Scout in a debauched orgy of transforming partner-swapping. It’s just like all these high school girls, sending naked pictures of themselves willy-nilly, and having casual sex with all their classmates. It’s sick, I tell you. Sick. And man I’m pissed it wasn’t happening when I was in high school. (Via 16bit)