There and F#$ked Again


?Guillermo del Toro, director of The Hobbit, is no longer director of The Hobbit. He quit this weekend after MGM Announced yet another series of delays for the movies, which finally started to eat up into time del Toro was contractually obligated to make other films. /Film also says that the newest delay would have meant del Toro would have had to spend six years making the two Hobbit movies in New Zealand instead of the originally intended three; I’m not exactly sure how that works but holy shit that’s a long time to make someone live somewhere to make a damn movie. del Toro will still co-write the screenplays with Peter Jackson.

Speaking of Jackson, he’s said he may actually direct the two Hobbit movies himself, although I wouldn’t bet any money on that happening. In fact, I wouldn’t bet on The Hobbit movies happening it all at this point. If MGM can’t get their shit together by this point, I doubt they ever will. Is this the price we’re paying for a perfect Scott Pilgrim movie? Is this the other shoe dropping? If so, I’ll take it.