These Owls Are Owlin’ Around “Owl” Over the Place!

There’s a new trailer for Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, and all I have is questions. Is this a world populated by nothing but owls? If not, do no humans notice the massive owl war apparently going on everywhere? If so, what the hell? How can a purely owl-based ecosystem survive? And how can an owl make helmets without opposable thumbs or even hands? Also, how bad can a “bad owl” really be? Wouldn’t all the owls be “bad owls” to, say, field mice? For that matter, how good can an owl really be? What does that even mean? Even if we accept this whole “good owl guardians” theory, why are the Guardians hiding? Shouldn’t they be around to stop “bad owls” from doing bad owl things? Wouldn’t this be like if all the police just hid until someone found them and asked them to stop a criminal? If someone asks to see my ga’hoole, do I need to tell a parent?